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Advanced Processing Technology

Leveraging Thermodynamics and Nanotechnology

Our story

Specialized Systems

The equipment requirements of the cannabis industry are very specific and rapidly changing based on new innovations. Green Process has identified the need for highly customized efficient refrigeration systems which address a major bottleneck in the processing of cannabis and hemp based concentrates. After several design iterations we have designed, tested and put into service a product suite which ranges in size from boutique scale small batch extraction operations to publicly listed companies.

Our philosophy

A Proven Approach

Our strategy builds off proven and well documented extraction and processing methods with increased efficiency and scalability, while minimizing technical risks. Other systems operate at -40 Deg C, while GPS systems are designed to reach as low as -60 Deg C at full throughput with impressive results.

2.5 TR 2-Stage Piston Compressor System

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4 TR 2-Stage Piston Compressor System

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14.5 TR 2-Stage Piston Compressor System

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15 TR Screw Compressor System


42 TR 2-Stage Piston Compressor System

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Organic Solvent Nanofiltration Systems

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Our Team

Our team has extensive experience in extraction, technology development and the technical and legal aspects of project management.

Viggo Hansen

Principal – Research & Engineering

Viggo holds two patents in chemical processing and combustion systems developed at the University of Washington and generally posses a broad range of experience with engines, propulsion and energy systems. Viggo led the UW sounding rocket team from 2011-2012 where he developed an efficient rocket engine from scratch. Since 2015 Viggo designed and built several hydrocarbon extraction systems which passed peer review, and worked with a major civil engineering firm to develop a novel modular C1D1 extraction lab. 

UW Sounding Rocket TeamUS 10384180 B2: Supersonic Shock Wave Reactors, and Associated Systems and MethodsUS 20190195579 A1: Baffled-Tube Ram Accelerator

Eamon Keane

Legal & Administration

Eamon has worked in the cannabis industry since 2015 and is responsible for contract negotiations and regulatory issues surrounding cannabis facility design, certification and product liability.

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Systems integration partnership with Illuminated Extractors(IE) of Fort Collins, CO.

Systems integration partnership with Illuminated Extractors(IE) of Fort Collins, CO.

Systems Integration Partners

Our partners offer class leading certified solutions for hydrocarbon & ethanol extraction, distillation, chromatography and facility design which integrate seamlessly with GPS technology.

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